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Welcome to Survival Homestead Canada

Survival Homestead Canada Turkey Homestead Canada Self Sufficient Living In Ontario, site covers the whole range of preparedness, homesteading, & off grid self-sufficient living. Me & my family have been living and learning the homesteading lifestyle on our 5˝ acres for over 25 years at our little Homestead in Ontario Canada.

We are not preppers we are homesteaders we are in it for the long hall. Follow us on our return journey after the fire that destroyed my shop/barn which was a huge loss that insurance did not cover, on our 5˝ acre homestead. Work, live and profit from a 5˝ acre homestead.

Plus DIY alternative energy solar & wind power, water pumping & purification, gardening, farming, hunting trapping fishing, herbal remedies, preserving food, soap making, candle making, frugal living and anything more I can think of.

After the fire we have to rebuild everything, shop, barn and storage shed.

Homesteading does not mean acceptance of a lower standard of living.

Homesteading is striving for a higher standard of living, for food which is fresh and organically grown, free range farm animals and tastes that are very good, for the good life in pleasant surroundings, for the health of body and peace of mind which come with hard varied work in the open air, and for the satisfaction that comes from doing difficult and intricate jobs well and successfully.

Homestead Canada self sufficiency living is still quite rudimentary and can of course be improved on but it does work very well. The greater the number of practitioners the faster will be the rate of improvement that is the creation of technologies designed to lead people to self reliance, work enjoyment, creativity, and there fore maybe the good life. This site is a major step along that road, and I whole heartily recommend it to you.

Join our mailing list and receive the very best how to homestead e-book by John Seymour The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency it mite be the last book you will ever need on homesteading.

It’s time we accept that we have reached an era of total unpredictability.

Homesteading Is A Tuff Lifestyle

Which is the best way to go do you think. Well lets just see, survivalist is more outdoor & army tactics, survival skills and more, prepping is more survival tactics storing of gear & food supplies, but homesteading puts it all together for the long term.

Homesteading is a lifestyle that can & will take care of you & your family for the rest of your life. With healthy vegetables & livestock, with no GMO or hormones. Homesteading is a tuff lifestyle, just because you move to a small farm have pink rubber boots and a blog does not make you a homesteader. You can not retire from homesteading or stop learning more and new homesteading skills.

The Survival Homestead Canada Gardens

Survival Homestead Canada Gardens Our garden has produced so much food I can't possibly eat it before it spoils. Before modern times, canning, pickling, and drying were the best options. Nowadays, freezing & freeze drying can also be used as a longer term storage option. Food preservation is an very important part of our homesteading lifestyle.

The beauty of preserving our own food at home is we control what goes into it. If you've ever read the labels on commercially produced canned, pickled, or dried goods, there are nearly always ingredients that you can't pronounce.
And for those families with food allergies ( our grandchildren ) knowing exactly what we put into our food can help reduce the worry of an unexpected reaction. We start off right no GMO seeds or products of any kind all organic gardening and free range farming then we freeze dry for storage.

We love food and our garden produces the best tasting stuff bar none! It also gets the girls involved. With a garden there is always a task for even the youngest grand kids to do. I find that they are more willing to eat vegetables if they watched them grow and picked them.

Family members have told us that the benefits of a steady supply of fresh produce have included: a healthier, more varied diet (even among the kids); more home-cooked meals shared with the family; less money spent eating out at restaurants; and improved cooking skills.

Homesteading & Survival Products

Survival Library

Garden Planning Tool Try for 30 days free and you will be hooked. I have been using it for 2 years now and I think it is great, I have a plan of my hole homestead and gardens.

The Homesteader Survival Library comes with over 400 titles on a flash card allowing you to always be prepared. When the worst happens you need to be ready!

Homesteader Belt This belt or bracelet comes with a set of survival tools and options allowing you to always be prepared. When the worst happens you need to be ready!

Slotted Garden Planters Cedar Wood dimensions: 8 inches wide, 1.25 inches thick, stackable Strong and functional
To purchase a bed that is 16" high, just purchase two 8" high beds and stack them. For 24", purchase three beds, and for 32", purchase four beds.

Solar Power Station consists of two, 150 watt panels with stabilizing yard mounts (stakes not included), and one, 200 AMP hour power station

Master Gardener Get all the expert help that you will ever need for ever.

Remember join our mailing list and receive the very best how to homestead e-book that I have ever read, used and followed, by John Seymour The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency it mite be the last book you will ever need on home steading, and if you are feeling really good maybe a donation for the barn.